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Johnny Worthen

Omnium Gatherum

JOHNNY WORTHEN is an award-winning, best-selling, multiple-genre, tie-dye wearing author, voyager, and damn fine human being! Trained in stand-up comedy, modern literary criticism and cultural studies, he writes upmarket fiction long and short and mentors where he can. He is a Utah Writer of the Year and President-of the League of Utah Writers. When not writing or haunting conferences and conventions, he is a writing instructor at the University of Utah.

As an acquisitions editor for Omnium Gatherum, Johnny is looking for for dark fiction with literary depths with a particular interest in completed series.

“I like truth wherever it takes us. Thematic questions and directions. The promise of unbridled expectation, turned and twisted to inevitable surprises. Well written stories that challenge and entertain. I like philosophical themes, occultism, inclusion, exploring the human condition. I’m not a big fan of splatter porn or unnecessary gore, but if it serves the story, okay. Young adult and above.”