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Michael Kozlowski

Dearborn, Michigan
Mike is a writer of horror and suspense. His sarcastic humor and social opinions regular infiltrate his writing but not overtly so. The primary goal of his writing is to entertain but he also finds it very therapeutic (you just can’t let all that weird stuff pile up in your head).Mike is the lead singer of a local band, plays guitar and saxophone not terribly, majored in graphic design and fine art at Wayne State University and continues to dabble in the same, tries to be politically active and outspoken. Mike has two sons who share many of his artistic talents in music, acting and writing but are considerably better at most than he is. They make him very proud. Mike has so many interests that he is almost certain to have something in common with whomever he meets and he is always looking to learn more and engage with interesting people. MIke really hates referring to himself in the Third Person.