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Michael Bailey

Written Backwards
Senior Editor
Costa Rica
Michael Bailey is a writer, editor who lives near the Caribbean Sea in Costa Rica. He is a recipient of the Bram Stoker Award (and nine-time finalist), Benjamin Franklin Award, a four-time Shirley Jackson Award nominee, and an insane number of independent accolades. Publications include Palindrome Hannah, Phoenix Rose, Psychotropic Dragon, Scales and Petals, Inkblots and Blood Spots, Oversight, and The Impossible Weight of Life, and about a hundred or so published short stories, novelettes, and poems. Edited anthologies include The Library of the Dead, the Chiral Mad series, Miscreations, and dark science fiction anthologies such as Adam’s Ladder, Qualia Nous, and You, Human, among others. He recently finished a memoir called Seven Minutes about surviving one of the most catastrophic wildfires in history.